Rough Diamond Tattoo is dedicated to the art of tattoos.


Established in Stowmarket in 2015.

about us

Rough Diamond Tattoo is a tattoo studio based in Stowmarket, Suffolk. We were established in September 2015 by Bryce Garnham and his wife Molly. The studio is based on creating custom designs and artwork to fit each clients needs.


Bryce has been tattooing since 2009 starting at the age of 18. All his acquired skills and knowledge are self taught and he has worked his way up from the bottom to now run his very first studio. He can tattoo in any style sought after as well as cover ups and fixes but especially excels in black and grey realism, new traditional and script. Since opening in Stowmarket after a short venture from Ipswich, his client base and reputation has vastly grown and the studio is growing with him.


Molly, Bryce's wife, is the heart of the operation. She is the friendly face you see at reception when coming into the studio. Molly is the shop manager and keeps the studio in check, she replies to all calls and messages and deals with the nitty gritty in the studio.


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Call: 01449 616726

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Tuesday 10am–6pm

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